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CFC in the News - 2016

The orange county register

Commission on female deacons well-received by local Catholics

Deepa Bharath

3 August 2016


Cool Pope says women may be able to become deacons now

Leah Carroll

2 August 2016


In Latin America, requests for abortions rise as Zika spreads

Jessica Ravitz

22 June 2016


A bishop in the exam room: When faith dictates health care instead of science

Erica Hellerstein and Josh Israel

22 June 2016

religion dispatches

Do women have a future in the Catholic Church? Social justice orgs petition bishops this week

Patricia Miller

14 June 2016


Supreme Court's non-ruling leaves contraception access for religious nonprofit employees uncertain

Katie Klabusich

20 May 2016

National Catholic reporter

Supreme Court order sends contraception case back to lower courts in search of compromise

Brian Roewe

16 May 2016

Voice of America

Court looks for compromise in clash between religious freedom, women's health

Katherine Gypson

16 May 2016


Supreme Court punts on the latest Obamacare birth control challenge

Emily Crockett

16 May 2016

National Catholic Reporter

While Court prepares contraception decision, Catholic women already decided

Nicole Sotelo

14 April 2016

Christian today

Pope Francis' 'The Joy of Love' treatise on marriage and family draws mixed reaction

Shianee Mamanglu-Regala

10 April 2016


Avoiding “Cold Bureaucratic Morality”

Ruth Graham

8 April 2016

Religion news service

Applause, dismay, confusion over pope’s words

Cathy Lynn Grossman

8 April 2016

CBC Radio

CBC World at Six

8 April 2016

LOs angeles times

Pope Francis eases the way for divorced Catholics while reiterating limits on gay unions

Tom Kington and Tracy Wilkinson

8 April 2016


Čini se da je Trump svojim izjavama o pobačaju pokrenuo srednjovjekovni lov na vještice. Evo odakle je sve krenulo

Dubravka Blasko

1 April 2016


"Religious Freedom" Bill Pushers' Insane Anti-Condom Campaign, 15 Years Later

Timothy Burke

1 April 2016


Er paven virkelig progressiv?

Peter Lykke Lind

26 March 2016

The huffington post

Zika: An Opportunity for the Pro-Choice Movement in Nicaragua

Katie Silver

25 March 2016

metro weekly

Twisted Jurisprudence: “Religious Freedom” threatens birth control, PrEP and more

John Riley

24 March 2016

erie news now

Erie Catholic Dioceses Takes Religious Freedom Argument To Supreme Court

Emily Matson

23 March 2016

erie Times- news

Erie's Bishop Persico set for Supreme Court case

Ed Palattella

23 March 2016

abc 7

SCOTUS hears arguments over Obamacare contraception mandate

Mike Carter-Conneen

23 March 2016

Gray media

ObamaCare Employer Contraceptive Mandate Heads to the Supreme Court

Alex Miller

23 March 2016

Philadelphia gay news

Supreme Court challenge to contraception care could impact LGBT community

Paige Cooperstein

22 March 2016

religion news service

Religious groups get involved in Supreme Court birth control case

Lauren Markoe

22 March 2016

The wall street journal

Supreme Court to Consider Compromise to Health-Law’s Contraception Rules

Louise Radnofsky

17 March 2016

The Daily tribune

'Francis fine with the pill'

Laurie Logarta

13 March 2016


Is Pope Francis' contraception hint just a puff of smoke?

David Willey

21 February 2016


Vatican says chill, Pope not backing pill

Angus MacKinnon

19 February 2016

irish examiner

Vatican: No Abortions for Women Exposed to Zika

19 February 2016

The New york times

W.H.O Recommends Contraception in Countries with Zika Virus

Sabrina Tavernise

18 February 2016

The washington post

Pope Francis suggests contraception could be permissible in Zika fight

Sarah Pulliam Bailey and Michelle Boorstein

18 February 2016


Chart: Access to Contraception and Abortion in Zika-Affected Countries

Marc Silver

11 February 2016

the irish times

Pope Francis set for historic meeting with Patriarch Kirill

Paddy Agnew

11 February 2016

International business times

Zika virus: Pro-choice Catholic group urges Church to stop condemning abortions as virus spreads

Tess Green

11 February 2016

huffington post

The Latest On Zika: Why The Pope Should Weigh In On Contraception

Erin Schumaker and Anna Almendrala

11 February 2016

Financial times

Zika virus: Catholic group urges Pope to allow contraception

Jude Webber

11 February 2016


Catholic leaders: No abortion or contraception for Zika virus

Ines San Martin

11 February 2016


Catholic group urges pope to allow contraception to fight Zika

Philip Pullella

10 February 2016


Zika: Why All Women Must Have Abortion Rights

Ann Furedi

8 February 2016


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